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windtear Rating
This was a very sweet and funny read, but the title is misleading - Ayumu isn't ugly at all, just cute in a completely different way to his friends. I found the conflict between the two friends over Ayumu's affections to be resolved way too easily, but we're not reading this for angst, so the fact that they fell into the three-way relationship so easily can be ignored. There are some plot threads left untied - the school rumour mill, Ayumu's female friend who clearly likes him but likes him enough to advise him properly and let him go - but not enough to detract from the story. I recommend this as an enjoyable, feelgood read rather than a realistic one.
YokaiAkito Rating
I LOVE manga series that feature 3-person relationships! (polyamory FTW!) The story is very cute and sweet, and features some great childhood friends. The artwork style is very pretty, and the sex scenes are beautifully detailed!
Icecream2102 Rating
Finally a threesome that stays a threesome!!!Story is cute and I love the art style.Anticipating more!!!
Mnky3 Rating
Story is great. Format of two long books then chapters is annoying. Typesetting is hard to read. Not edited well large areas not translated in book one. Numbering system for the books are off.
h0ney Rating
While there are parts of this that I did enjoy and think are cute (the main throuple + MC's female friend) there are also parts that completely annoy me to no end. Ichinose is a character that play a part in on of my least favourite tropes in the BL genre. Despite drugging, kidnapping and other occasions, attempting sleazily come onto the MC with unwanted advances, the MC still thinks of him as a “good person” and wants to “just stay as friends”. If I knew that Ichinose was going to continue to play a role in this title I would not have spent my time reading any further than the first volume, despite me enjoying the rest of the series.
Lou Rating
Love character development. The story was good too. Art was beautiful.
BlackDiamond Rating
A sweet story with very little angst. It's very similar to a typical high school relationship (just between 3 people). Any issues that arise, (jealousy, insecurities, etc.) resolve quickly and they're back to being in love again. There are some themes I find questionable. The beginning gives off some dubious consent with Hayato and Ryuji seeming to coerce Ayumu into doing what they want. Then the scene between Hayato, Ichinose, and Ayumu relayed the same theme since Ayumu and Hayato were both drugged. But afterwards, none of it was really discussed and it all seemed to just blow over like it never happened.
Youngdorkess Rating
I'll give it five stars cause I really love the concept of a guy dating not one but TWO guys out of his league! But tbh the art style isn't my fav unless it's the ero scenes (like those scenes are like SUPER good) and the lettering isn't really the best either! Keep those in mind if those are things that bother you! But other than those two things, this is def my fav series on here and I can't tell you how many times I've come back looking for an update!
Love Rating
Great read
Pennylane3434 Rating
Loved it
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