User Reviews For: Frenzied Relatives -A Sweet Trap with Handsome Twins-


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Nora990 Rating
nice story little sad how is the girl is just toy in there war between brothers i hope it not the are more chapters
heyyyjude Rating
I would say this is a short story win! just as the story description says ... she doesn't have a true husband until she conceives a child with one of the guys. twins and butler. hot. the story was short, interesting, very spicy hot. Though it would have been nice if the story would have elaborated more on what happens at the end.
lovemekyoya Rating
She should just choose all the of them since they all gave her the pleasure that her body's craving for instead of choosing oneWat a love
HorseObsessed Rating
I like the story alot, but it's incomplete. I hope the author returns to this story & finishes it I would choose the Butler, he seems to be genuinely in love with her. The brothers & father seem to see her only as a tool for breeding the next heir. A broodmare, if you will, & that is such a shame.?
Naner Rating
Plot isn't worth calling a plot. It's just smut every page. The characters lack any depth. Not worth the points.
Xmanga Rating
I hope that this is not the end of the story. It would be sad to not find out what happened next.
Guest Rating
Yes, it's interesting, but was that the ending?
frozen Rating
Very good story, you have one woman in a big love triangle i sooo hopes she picks the right one.
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