User Reviews For: Bloody Lover: Forbidden Tryst


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cassaya1 Rating
I would say that the genre is nice, most authors use the vampire romance/smut where the girl/guy is in love with the vampire, however this author has done a good job of showing how truly menacing a vampire is supposed to be.
jy3 Rating
(First chapter review) The vampire blows his cover for essentially no reason at all. Is that supposed to be good characterization? He then forces himself onto the lead, and extorts her into both keeping the secret he had no reason to reveal and letting him "suck" her whenever he wants. Is that supposed to be hot?
Incatata Rating
Does it truly end like that, really? If you call that an ending imma go catch me some flying Bacon
Nora990 Rating
it remind me of "midnight secretary" it have so similarity but it have more sexy scenes. i like this manga and it so great
Gdk Rating
Of all the manga that I've read, this series tops my list. The story keeps you feeling warm and truly gives a sense of romanticism though it's unconventional. I like that the characters dialogues have normal conversational flow, something that does not break a plot's thought. The story also has a good balance on twists element. Plus the drawing is very cute.
bethelove Rating
It was a awesome vampire story and you all find more, please...
Nuria74 Rating
Very good story, but the end need more information, it is half ending, maybe one more chapter needed. Was left half wait.
HikaruTanaka Rating
Cute series from the ever amazing wasou Sensei! Wish it was longer! I love both the male and female lead!
DragonWarrior Rating
This series is really good. It's got vampires and some love between one and a human which is always awesome. It's a good read.
FLgirl1988 Rating
i love these vampire stories and this is really good. please read it. you definitely won't regret it