User Reviews For: The Crossdressing Host: A Woman in a Garden of Beasts


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aoi Rating
The art is good and the layout clean. The chapter I read seemed a bit short to be honest but it does keep the focus on the three cover characters. I'm not quite sold on this series at this time but it is pretty much what was is described in the synopsis. There's nothing surprising in store here.
Nora990 Rating
that's soooo funny story the poor girl >U<
SillyAmbie Rating
The manga is well-written and the characters so far are just cookie cutters from previous stories. Not saying it's bad. Just seen it before. The sexual moments are small and a little suspenseful, but again seen it before. Looking forward to the next book.
MsFairy Rating
Very cute short story. A lot of teasers and a nice end.
luluwes Rating
The art was good. Story had potential. Felt short.
1o10 Rating
Love it so far. Makes you want to read more and more. Story line is good.
PlzLookIn2UpdatingAp Rating
I was in it for the smut cause it seemed like that's where it was going. I mean it does but not what I was thinking. Its a good read just nothing I haven't already read.
StreetUrchin Rating
Very much a letdown. It had so many places that were so-so with feelings.
Amora Rating
The story isn't bad, but I would like more chapters or a sequel.
Dk Rating
it is a good manga and i want to continue reading it
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