User Reviews For: Madman in Love, I'm Begging You to Feel the Same


4.4 out of 5

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DollieDays Rating
It was very nice...How his feelings evoluled was very nice
Vampierwoman23 Rating
I really like the art and story in this
Stone Rating
I loved this! Dark stories are my cup of tea and this fits the bill nicely.
sunshineseller Rating
I don't normally write reviews, but this really was not what I was expecting. It gets very dark. Don't read if you're having a bad day. But if you like deep, dark plots this is for you.
ebookrenta0ava916jg Rating
Cait wait to see what happens next
Downey978 Rating
This is quite dark themed, but it was pulled off beautifully. I've read a lot of same type manga and this one was fantastic. You get hooked to the characters and get sweat up in the tidal wave of emoticons that they suffer. Highly recommend.
kurome Rating
One word "Awesome" O.O
CastleRead Rating
Right now I really want to give Reiichi a hug and tell him, "It's going to be okay." 0_,0
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