User Reviews For: No Way! He's My Husband!? My Life, Ten Years Later


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Nora990 Rating
it kind sucks how she forget her husband who she love and remembering the bad guy who hurt her but great story line
nohface Rating
really enjoyed this one,i guess in the end the future girl and guy has a baby ^^
Flayingrose Rating
This is a creative and engrossing story. It not only gives you smut but it gives you emotion and mixes of...well all the things you might be into to ;) Also it even dares to touch the subject of the theory of universes lol. I reaaaally like this one:)
Kara Rating
Really cute and sexy! I alternate between wishing these characters were real so I could punch them, and wishing they were real so I could hug them! I want moar?
lovemekyoya Rating
I love the twist of jet ending up ten years in the future it's so lovely that I couldn't get enough that I read it good yay
Vonitza Rating
I love the story so much!!! Why its no complete yet??? Its exotic, funny, sad, sweet and romantic. When is the next one coming????
Guest Rating
i have the first three an so far so good i cant wait till im able to get the rest of this its areally good story an i love the plot of the story :]
Shih Jeh Rating
I love this manga. It's sweet and spicy in my opinion.
damagochin Rating
At first I thought it was just some erotic manga with such a hollow plot but i guess im wrong lol its quite good actually xD
allulu Rating
Cute. Hyozaki sucks
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