User Reviews For: The Cruel Contest of the Devil King and His Demon Servants


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LemonMasochist Rating
Yeahhhhhhh <3 <3 <3 read this if you like a story with bondage and forceful-ness <3 <3 <3
sakueva Rating
Woah. Ok, at first my reaction was "WTH is up with this story!" BUT! if you give the manga some time, the plot will start to progress and develop. So don't judge too quick! Definitely looking forward to the rest of this manga!
Junkyburito Rating
Yessssss this is so good
Wonderbread Rating
I honestly love this story and have been waiting literally 3 years now at the time of this review for a new chapter. Art is awesome, story is actually really interesting with a good balance of darkness and mystery. Listen I just want to know what happens!!
Karia700 Rating
Loved it. Wish there was more though! q.q
Vivi Rating
I love these type of mangas with forceful men<3
lizzykins Rating
why arent there any more chapters yet it has been so long and iam enjoying this manga but the fact that you havent updated the chapters yet is disapointting her up with the new chapters already
WindyWing15 Rating
If you enjoy classy but twisted characters with unorthodox but intriguing concepts within the story, then this may be an interesting read for you.I'm looking forward to reading the next updates. It's a story of survival and competition, but it's all done in such an intriguing way that makes anyone who has any sort of taste for the twisted to come back wanting to read and check out more. Rating 5 stars because I'm having fun reading this so far.
Guest Rating
This manga was quite interesting different plot that really pulls your. And the characters were very interesting indeed :D Hope to see the next volume of this soon !
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