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sakueva Rating
Well, if you have read the the summary then you would know that theres a period that women can't give birth anymore and the government made a project that will get the women pregnant no matter what. The story a way the perfect way to get the main character hooked on having sex 24/7. I gave it a 3 stars mainly because of the moral at the end BUT not a 2 star because she did feel guilty but just couldn't help it. What ending? Read to find out. :P
PerromonTheDigipet Rating
Nice plot and nice visuals, not the best I've seen though.
Yeonni Rating
Extremely too rushed to be interesting. Personally I also really didn't like the art style (didn't pay enough attention to the preview) but that's more a question of preference.
Memily Rating
. . . Meh. It's not like I expected much character development in a manga of this nature, but it would have been nice to see a little more of the husband. Perhaps a sequel that reveals what he was doing while his wife was away? He certainly didn't seem to awfully upset by the idea of her with other men. I think this would have been much more interesting if they modified the format of the "Birth Machine". Say, for instance, if sperm donors were sent to her house to live with Riko and her hubby for a week? That would provide both the intended eroticism and a greater depth of character exploration. As it is, this title leaves much to be desired. Go ahead and spend the ticket if you feel like it, but don't bother splurging on an unlimited rental! (10/01/15)
airabella12 Rating
Well it was ok. I mean I did not really like it, Just like the summery says its hard for people to get pregnant so they get sent to this room to try to get pregnant and in the end she get addicted to the room and that is all.
frozen Rating
wow thats some pretty full on stuff in this manga
TrinaCasey Rating
I found this manga sad, much like a heroin addict this woman becomes a sex addict after being given a choice to leave her husband or join the program. Worth the one token to read, but it does deal with some taboos.
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