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RahLove Rating
I enjoyed this series. As others have said, it's a cute story about a girl who will not love that arrives at a mystical cafe where the only way for humans to leave is to fall in love. It doesn't take long to finish it, and I am glad that all the chapters are available. So read through the whole thing. You won't regret it!
oathbreaker1 Rating
I have to write this review because this is such a good story about being the odd one out. We find the heroine is a social out cast at school and because of those negative feelings she gets pulled into a different world that just happens to have surprise a cafe. there she meets the cafe owner who was trapped there long ago. He starts teaching her lessons about getting along with people. Now i do not want to go any further then this because it is a uplifting story with one of life lessons. Enjoy
Guest Rating
I'm actually not really a fan of supernatural manga but this one is really good. I like the story and the relationships of the characters. This is a great manga!
Haerin Rating
This is a really cute story. The character art is very cute. She actually looks really young compared to the male character.
HorseObsessed Rating
I like this story alot, but it sort of ends on a cliffhanger. I wanted to see their relationship evolve when they were finally released from that realm. Do they eventually get married, have children. Yes she's still in school, & (even though he doesn't look it), a century or more old, but do they eventually get married, have children, & grow old together. (Time jumps, in this case, are a good idea, at the right times). ;()
SadBassoon Rating
I don't have much too say as I don't want to spoil nothing in the title but I can say that this is an absolutely adorable short manga work that deserves more attention. The art is pretty rad and the plot is cute too. Highly recommend for the low priced chapters as well.
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