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flyflip87 Rating
I really love this story. The whole concept of one of the main lovers having a disability or losing 1 of their 5 senses is always interesting to me. Having it taken to a new twist with how he got those scars in both body and mind really got my attention as to when he would be better. His reaction to who Chloe was... I didn't see it coming. Always a plus when I'm surprised. The only down side was the fact that in the very beginning, Chloe was introduced as a widow but we never get an explanation as to who she was married to and what happened. Other than that, I really think you guys would love this. If you want to check out another manga that is similar to this, search for Taming Jason by Lucy Gordan I love this story! It's been a while since I got so excited to want to write a review.
LadyFlame Rating
I rented this in the sale, but please do not let that affect your decision to rent this book, it is well worth the points! I will say that this is one emotional story... it deals with issues with disability, and mental health, and is one bumpy ride!! As someone who became disabled after an accident I can truly say that the male lead's reactions are spot on, and it also deals with his brother's mental issues, and his own reactions to those issues very well, (it is often difficult to believe badly of a family member). Oh, and the whole pool scene... I almost needed to fan myself!! XD
chicobaby04 Rating
at first glance at declan i wondered what happened to get such an scar. but after i found out how he gotten it. i thought it was terrible accident. im glad declan kept on searching for chloe even after she told him not to look for her and he still continue to do so. it was sad about he believing adrian in first place but im glad things were able to be resolved
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