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1ch1me Rating
The cover page totally catches my eye that's why I read it! As the cover was beautifully drawn, the story was well-written as well! I love stories that involves children ages five below because they're so adorable! Anyways, back to the main couple! The main girl is such beautiful woman and the main guy is so handsome! One thing I hate in the story was that cunning secretary of his! Nevertheless, their love for each other did not break them apart whatever obstacles they faced! I love the ending! 5 stars for this well-written story and for the awesome artwork! I certainly recommend it!
kay4120 Rating
I don't know how to explain it, but it feels like it was rushed at the end and Rafe's attitude changed far too quickly which didn't make sense to me. I won't will pay 6 tickets for this story as I probably won't read it again.
Typofaerie Rating
I don't understand why she said her father was welcome to visit her son anytime when he was abusive towards her and her mother... But it was a sweet story. Joel was very cute. Race was domineering and manipulative but he changed thankfully.
AinoKusabi Rating
Good story with likeable characters, a totally romantic and satisfying read.
lovemekyoya Rating
I love the title and it made me think about how a playboy became a father and how would he do as a father and I just loved it that he put his all into being a father love love love it soooooooo much
chicobaby04 Rating
I agree with other review about the cover was reason i went ahead and read this its very drawn attention, its pretty good manga though i feel it was too short for some reason. storyline was wonderful. im glad rafe was able to grow up and be a father and hubby instead of being playboy like he used to be. the drawing was pretty good, i also love joel's toy room it was amazing i wish i had one for my kid lol
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