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chicobaby04 Rating
this is really different from any other harlequin manga so far its really interesting im glad beau was able to stop amy from accidently killing herself. that was close. this is really good story
Majala Rating
Sweet and atypical a good light read, particularly for anyone who loves cowboys!
LadyFlame Rating
I rented this in the sale, but don't let that fact put you off, this is a book that is well worth reading!The male lead is a bit of a jerk at first, as he had some preconceptions of the MC, but he soon realises that she is a real down-to-earth sweetheart who's not afraid of hard work, drama happens as in all good stories, and the last scene gets a huge two thumbs up from me, classics never get old!
oathbreaker1 Rating
I really enjoy reading stories about cowboys they are so sexy. They have to work hard on the farm do not have time to sit still. Even though she was getting married so her sister's bills from the hospital would be paid she realized that she was attracted to his son instead of the father she felt torn. I enjoyed reading about what it was like to work a farm like this because quite a lot of people do not know. Thank goodness she realized where her heart really was before she got married to someone she did not love. Now listen enjoying this story is a must it gives you a glimpse of another life. A cowboy and his women
Rhulain Rating
I actually really enjoyed this one. It was different from many of the other romance stories and the characters had good chemistry. If anything I would have liked to see more interactions with Ira to explore the relationships more dynamically, but still good with what's there.
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