User Reviews For: Truly Erotic Grimm's Fairy Tales -Mr Bluebeard's Lover-


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1ch1me Rating
It was "truly erotic" as the title states. I felt so bad for the main girl because she saw the guy he likes with another girl and that girl irritates me coz she's so bossy, ugh! Anyways, the main guy is good-looking, but he is such a "sadist!?" and became "possessive" at the end! It was a fine story for a Love Manga and the artwork was good, so I rate it 5 stars! I recommend it, but "read it at your own risk!"
HorseObsessed Rating
I thought it was pretty good, but, why does he keep her locked in a room, especially with a huge estate like that. If he truly loves her, he would trust her to allow her to do & go wherever she wants. It's weird & disappointing.?
pinklily84 Rating
If you r looking for not-so-long but lots of smut scenes this is for you. Just bought this a while ago, did not read in detail yet. But for rent for 48hr price its a good deal.
Naner Rating
If you like stories that have no flow, feel too rushed, or make no sense hidden behind recognizable near and dear stories look no further. This one will have you in disbelief by how much you will wish you had spent your points on literally any other title. 10/10 for not worth it.
sakura1987 Rating
Main character was trapped by her friend because her friend is not actually a "friend". Cliche.
SuperSachiko Rating
I loooooved this. I like the art style and the story was super interesting. It was SO HOT. I recommend!
frozen Rating
hmmm weird ending its all right but could of been better
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