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Bookworm Rating
I don't know...I'm just--urg! Though I sometimes don't mind the concept of someone watching others have sex, this one didn't really execute that well. It only made me so irritated with the boyfriend for actually having that thought of allowing his girlfriend to have .... with another guy. The other guy seems to have genuine feelings for her though and I wish this manga could have elaborated on that more instead. The sexual scenes isn't really stimulating and is very rushed so don't expect much here.
LemonMasochist Rating
This is pretty sick, but if you like having sex with someone else watching you, then read this :D you'll probably like it.
Nyanko Rating
This story showcases a very odd dynamic where a man who becomes paraplegic and is no longer able to "satisfy" his girlfriend. I put that in quotes for a few reasons, the main one being that there's no real reason to believe she was unsatisfied. His desire to watch her have sex with others becomes so intense, I think the sex is secondary. Seems like the loss of physical ability made him feel powerless, and with that comes resentment for his girlfriend and buddy. So the act of voyeurism with vanilla sex escalates into anonymous gang bangs, etc. The boyfriend is drawn as being nearly psychotic with pleasure at seeing his girlfriend used by others, and she just goes along with it. The whole injury sub is kind of a red herring. It's likely the guy had this paraphilia all along, and it got twisted. In any case, this one is less about voyeurism and emotional attachments, and is far more about subjugation and degradation. Not my thing, so I didn't find it appealing.
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