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1ch1me Rating
The story was short, but it was worth the ticket I spent! The main girl is really pretty and both the father & son are so similar! (Well, they're both good-looking!) They're so similar when it comes to how picky they are with what they eat (carrots to be specific), but they also have the same taste when it comes to women!? Anyways, wanna know what happened to their housekeeper, Yoda? Then, why not read it!? For me, I rate it 5 stars because of the great artwork and it was a good story! Since it is a Love Manga, you better "read it at your own risk!" I recommend it!
shilyte Rating
This story was short but sexy.Since it's a one shot there's no character development. It's just a short sweet read to pass the time and worth the tickets if you like hot sexy threesomes.
sakueva Rating
Don't think that just because its a father and son manga that you would just skip this. The touching part is when both man exposes what they really think and how the housekeeper *kind of* made their house a little chipper. Its a short manga with quick progress so if you like father/son doing a same girl then this is the one for you! Also, the only bad part about this is the length of the manga but i guess this is also the perk of this manga ? P.S. I couldn't decide to give it a 4 star for its short length or a 5 star for its short in the end I decided for the better. Enjoy.
Pinkydie123 Rating
The story was short but it's a must read it's very entertaining and the story line is the bomb.
frozen Rating
i loved it bloody nice manga to read its so well done
Weeb4Life Rating
Short but sexy, there was an ok attempt at plot, the characters were decently interesting and developed, and the smut was nice and spicy. Yoda (why that name?! It's hurting my inner Star Wars fan!) was very adorable, she somehow managed to be bouncy and innocent, yet horny and perverted, so her shenanigans with the men were believable for a girl so into porn. The guys' interest in her was also understandable considering how much she's come to mean to them (without her even realising it!). It was definitely worth renting but I don't think there was enough there to keep me coming back.
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