User Reviews For: Nymphomaniac Control Ward -A Feminine and Submissive Nurse's Shame-


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ShyPinkVag Rating
Nao-chan's manga are always so hot, plus smutty mangas are my favorite type of mangas, it's all I read, sometimes I read romance, but I always want spice so smutty/spicy is what I love^^ the only thing that looked painful and I didn't really like was when the hot doctor was putting one of the medical tools in the girl's vag, that seemed painful but everything else was HOT AND SMEXII *goes inside a freezer to cool down* (^_^')!
Naner Rating
Bad plot too fast pace, not really sadistic but more just mega A-holes. Slut shaming, and really cruddy non-con.
TrinaCasey Rating
The MC was spineless, with abuse of authority by the doc thrown in this was a waste of points. I didn't feel this story flowed nicely, but it was full of smut it only redeeming quality.
Sighz Rating
Light on story, heavy on smut. It was a good read
tried Rating
Well worth the points spent
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