User Reviews For: My Boss Younger Brother's Commands... -A Sweet and Wonderful Cohabitation-


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1ch1me Rating
For the story, I liked how the girl was wishing for a "cute little brother" but then the little brother turned out to be her Section Chief Asami! The story went by pretty fast, but it was fine and the artwork was great so i still rate it 5 stars! It was rather a "short-story" however, if you're wondering how these two lived together under the same roof as unrelated brother and sister, then read it, but "read it at your own risk" since it is a Love Manga! I recommend it!
MagicalSakura Rating
I liked the concept and characters but the story itself jumped around a lot it. It felt a little jerky, it went from one thing to another with no transition so it was a little hard to read. So basically the pacing was bad, I think they tried to cram too much into too little pages.
lightmelody23 Rating
The story is inconsistent and the translation is iffy. The art is pretty good, not quite great. I liked the premise of the story, however the story was so rushed I couldn't really get into it. For the price of it I was hoping for something more.
neha200 Rating
I'm only giving 4 stars for now because there's only 1 chapter and it's short. The characters are a bit flat for now so I hope the writer adds more depth to them. Another thing is that the main guy is a major sadist. Sometimes it's okay but usually I can't relate to girls who like guys like that so there's a bit of a disconnection there. Anyhow, I hope these living arrangements will cause some family problems for them otherwise the boss-subirdinate relationship isn't as exciting as the step sibling relationship. The overall concept is a bit cliche bit still good enough to keep me intrigued.
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