User Reviews For: Wanted by Her Lost Love Pregnancy & Passion 2


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lovemekyoya Rating
Love it love it love the though of how one man would server his ties with his family just for the woman he love:-)<3
chicobaby04 Rating
i really love it. i hate it when people have misunderstanding or choose to believe close in relatives over girlfriend or fiancee's story when relatives were the one who told lies but anyway several months later ryan found kelly guess what shes pregnant and is his child it gets hotter here
flyflip87 Rating
I really liked the plot of this story just as much as the first book. Really enjoyed the ending as it had a very different result from a lot of the other stories that I've read in both manga and novel form. Had me in tears in several parts and really made me want to keep reading and re-reading "Wanted by her Lost Lover". Hope you guys will enjoy this just as much as I still am.
oathbreaker1 Rating
This is a wonderful story one wants a family to belong to too but is pushed away. The other one has a family but they want to control there life. They both love each other but their is a lack of trust on both sides. It is not like I do not understand the difficult issues that happen in a family and you have to take the hard road sometimes to live the life that is best for you. I know this is going to be a hard road for them to walk but the love they have for each other should make less lonely. I know there is no perfect ending but i hope in the future their families can come to understand there choices
neha200 Rating
A bit too much angst for me but a great story nonetheless. I still like the first installment better cause he had the excuse of amnesia. However, in here it really broke my heart that he didn't trust Kelly and threw her out of his life and came back in at his own convenience. I was pretty happy with the outcome though.
JeanNamba Rating
Story is kinda heart wrenching initially but I'm happy for the happy end. But find the story abit too short, will be great if there's continuation like how Ryan reconciled with him family and they finally accept Kelly.
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