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neha200 Rating
I've read the first two volumes and I love it. Their love story is very innocent (minus all the sex). And I especially love the main guy. I love it when he gets all shy, it's so cute. He's definitely one of the most lovable main guys I've read about, even though he seemed a bit sadistic in the beginning. I'm actually really excited to see their love story develop (hopefully this trip to the hot springs will help do that). This is something I can see myself recommending to others.
mariais28 Rating
Wow that was a good story I can not wait to see the next story
Starletreader Rating
The art is really cute. I find to story to be really interesting because it has a good mix of elements of surprise. A great read and I recommend it.
danyels Rating
This was really cute and funny. The female MC is so dumb and the male MC is childish but they're not the annoying kind of stupid, they're amusing. I found the beginning and some things questionable but the relationship became adorable so whatever. Yuki getting jealous because of cats and acting like a spoiled brat when another guy appeared was hilarious. Yuri pushing the other guy away in the last chapter and being clear about how she only wants Yuki was admirable because in other manga, the female MC sometimes get flustered or confused but Yuri stayed firm, I love that the author made them avoid a boring/ugly love triangle. Overall a fun read, the thing i found lacking was just the art, imo the sexy scenes could've been illustrated better.
ballerinabrainsystem Rating
This was actually very cute! Yuri is a rather naive girl, and Yuki does start off as a bit of a sadist, but then shows his true colors as a sweet tsundere-type (more tsun-tsun than dere-dere). The sex is really hot too, but the main draw here is the romantic development between the two and the evolution of their relationship. Good amount of situational humor in here too. Definitely worth the tickets!
Kitsuneflames Rating
Another one of my faves. This is a sweet and cute story. The cliffhangers always got to me. Main guy was kinda forceful in the beginning but later on became really sweet. Loved it.
omoni123 Rating
just like how it's titled, the girl is keeping a sadistic "oet" but the story is more than that including the romance that grew within them. it's a pretty good story
sakueva Rating
I've only read one volume and I'm hooked. The way the author leaves a cliffhanger is absolutely hooking. Looking forward to read the rest of the story!
RissRiss Rating
So worth the read!
koyuki Rating
this story is just so cute! love the main character treats the
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