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MidniteCat Rating
It's a reverse harem, so of course she gets (or at least attempts to) with a few different guys. You see little snippets of what she does with the guys on the cover. It's a very rushed story--even more so since it's split between her attempts to have sex with multiple guys. Nothing was built up or really interesting, and to me it was more creepy than perverted, since when she would say "no" she'd really mean it and then run away. So when she says no later, and there's no stopping...well, it just rubbed me the wrong way. Just a creepy ending to me too, even if it was meant to be...ironic or something. I don't know. Don't think this story was worth the tickets.
sakueva Rating
Girl waiting to find THE one to have sex with. Tells about all the guys she tried but then she found the perfect guy in the end...with an unexpected ending. I could say that if you're looking for a harem manga thats short and steamy then this is the one for you to read. Although I doubt you will be satisfy with the ending...happy reading!
botaneko Rating
It is an interesting storyline with the expected twist in the end.The heroine wants to lose her virginity to a hottie.As she gets close to losing her virginity, she runs away and chooses a new hottieto try to lose her viriginity to.The scenes were very sexy, I love the different types of hottie she chose to be with for the night.It is a short story, but very enjoyable!
1ch1me Rating
Now, that was really a different type of story from the other Love Manga that I have read because the first few pages foreshadowed what's gonna happen to her at the end! It's indeed a "short story", but I still rate it 5 stars since the artwork is really good and the story was interesting! I recommend it, but "read it at your own risk" since it is a Love Manga!
Lily102 Rating
The main character is very beautiful.And all the man are handsome
peichi Rating
I mean if you are looking for a good story with characters, a love story and respect for consent and all that I don't know why you'd think you will find it here. But what you do get is a short but very sexy smutty reverse harem manga. Which as a big fan of 3p is just what I was looking for. This might be one of the sexiest 3p+ I've read on this site so far, so I think it was definitely worth the tickets. The premise is interesting and just enough to set up the smut without getting in the way of it. I do wish it was a little longer, but it's still really worth it if you want good smut and like/don't mind multiple guys with one girl.
Sighz Rating
Interesting concept. Unexpected ending. The art is well done. Not a lot of character development or background. I enjoyed the various smut sections.
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