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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Art is so-so. The story is so-so, yet I've read it numerous times already. Why? Idk! Poor Hope is really TSTL, but at least she's a bit self aware of what she's lacking in common sense. She was so sheltered from taking care of her mom that she didn't know anything about anything! How men are or how cruel others can be. So trusting and good, that it makes her an easy target. Andreas is not a hero. He's commanding and tries to keep up appearances too much, must be the politics of being an elite? They are such opposites that I didn't understand the long lasting attraction. In the beginning for sure. She's a virgin and he's a capable man who just protected her. He's entranced by her natural beauty and easy going attitude, he can be relaxed with her. She can give all her love to him. Ok I see it now! But he can't trust her for some inane reason and hence the drama of the story. HEA is guaranteed, but not really satisfying.
nohface Rating
i acturally liked this =] poor hope for having a soon to be sister in law but in the end it worked out great,
matrixlord101 Rating
its ok but isint for begginers
chicobaby04 Rating
they had odd way of meeting each other i could not believe my eyes when i find out the guy wasnt even mad bec car blew up and yet he fell in love instead, i probably would be very mad if it happened to me but oh well this manga is kinda ok but good
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