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1ch1me Rating
How I love Toda Megumi's illustrations! This one, though, is a different type of story. Nina and Nadia are twin sisters, but totally have opposite personalities. Nina is the main girl of the story, she's a really kind sister and a caring aunt to her niece. Marc Marcello, is the older brother of Andre and Georgia's, Nina's niece, biological father. He was sent by his ill father to take custody of Georgia. He then showed up at Nina's house, not willing to give up Georgia, she pretended to be Nadia and told him that her real name is Nina. Anyways, the story is really long, but worth the time reading it. There was a time when it's sad because of how Nina lets go of Marc once she thinks that it is not right since she's just pretending to be Nadia, but there were also times when it was a happy moment. You must read this to see for yourself the moments they had together! The ending was great! Story and artwork were wonderful, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
neha200 Rating
After reading the preview, I couldn't hold back on reading the whole story. And it turned out to be really satisfying. There was a lot of substance to the story and nina was a really relatable heroine. I felt very scared for her if she would lose her niece and also felt like she was always in a bind. And based on just about every story I've ever read, the person in a negative role always has the best timing so yeah leave the sister to screw her over. Even so, it was a very enjoyable emotional roller coaster.
thuris Rating
I loved the illustrations. I also enjoyed that Nina did not fall into bed at the first opportunity. She had reasons for everything which I enjoyed.
nohface Rating
amazing how the mother has no feeling for the daughter she had... but instead the mothers sister had those feelings
lovemekyoya Rating
The love she gets from her niece is nothing like she had b4 and then she truly feel in love and wanted to experience ie but she couldn't becuz of one lie that lead to another but in the end love prevails highly recommend
chicobaby04 Rating
wow the story is touchfelt im touched, only thing I didn't like about this story is nadia, if I had a sister like her I wo uld have disowned her from start theres no way I would put up with someone like her, im glad she in end got gabriella as well as marc I recommend this manga
oathbreaker1 Rating
Wow with a sister like that who needs a family. But thank goodness the good sister loves her niece so much. She is willing to marry a man she does not even know. I can understand how they treat her because they think she is her sister thank goodness for twins. Now if i give any more away you will not read the story and you should because it is a decent story and oh yeah make sure never ever like that other twin sister she is a jerk.
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