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carrotlime Rating
Drawn in by the graphics of this manga so had to read it even though its expensive >.<Loved the storyline though Danny could be cuter like how his parents are :pAs usual, learn to confront your problems and confront the person for the truth. Yes, he/she may lie about the truth, but what does your heart tell you?
1ch1me Rating
Nico Cavelli & Lily Morgan met in New Orleans two years ago and they spent one night together. She fell in love with the kind, bright young Nico. The next morning, he left a note to her and promised that they would meet in the afternoon, so she waited for him even though it was raining. Danny resembles his father so much that when Nico saw the picture, he just knew that he is undoubtedly his child. Lily raised him alone without letting Nico know because Danny was her source of strength to go on living after Nico disappeared. Anyways, you'll find out more things that happened if you read this great harlequin manga! Danny is so cute, Nico & Lily are truly meant for each other, and the ending was great too! Story and artwork were really great, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
missjoanna89 Rating
This was a funny sweet and action type of story this had everything you look for when you read about a love child of the royal bloodline and what can happen when you do not know that the the man you fall in love with is royal. But I a,so loved the drawing and the baby was just too cute . And I love how they are a funny moments that will have laughing along too so give this royal story a try .
chicobaby04 Rating
I don't know about you guys but I hate it when a woman get pregnant and decided not to say anything about being pregnant to baby's father and thinking she can get away with it. otherwise this story is wonderful I recommend this manga
bmtm1921 Rating
Needs a little more substance to it.
neha200 Rating
That was adorable! Love the art; everyone looked so beautiful.for once, the main guy was likable; actually nico was pretty great, just scarred. And Danny; don't get me started on Danny! The father-son moments were so precious. Another unique aspect of this story was that a main girl finally had the guts to walk away. To find out if they get a happy ending, I totally recommend reading this!
lovemekyoya Rating
Omg omg I love it I just need to find my prone and experience a love like this except I won't get pregnant and not tell him hehehehe love it love it recommend it to everyone
Weeb4Life Rating
It was... good. Not great, but still decent. Nico had a really good reason for not meeting Lily as promised and he even had a really good reason for his playboy antics. But everything felt far too rushed and the romance too forced. The two leads shared little to no romantic interactions (does Nico revealing his sob story even count as one?) and they (supposedly) fell in love during Nico's 2-3 days incognito, which was off screen. All the conflicts were resolved very poorly as well. Lily's arrest? Off screen. Nico's parents' disapproval? Same. The king of Monteverde's plot? Half off screen, half sudden instant rescue outta nowhere. Nico's ex-fianc辿e? Nothing, she just disappears after two pointless scenes. It's so unsatisfying! And Lily has next to no personality either! All I've learned about her is that she loves her son. And maybe Nico too (though why or how is a mystery). Family? Backstory? Hobbies? Dreams and ambitions? Not a clue. The artist clearly never learnt "show don't tell".
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