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lovemekyoya Rating
I never would have thought that he could judge her thought that she had a lover even though that was her gay best friend and it was a love story unlike any other and I would recommend that everyone read it
1ch1me Rating
I've waited for this since I saw it on the list of "upcoming manga!" The story starts off with Angolos Constantine breaking up with Georgette. She told him that the baby is his, but thinks that she's carrying another man's child. But what if the child looks a lot like him? Will he deny it? Well, he accepted him as his and also asked Georgette if they could go to Greece to start their life as a family together. After they talk things out at the beach they first met, she didn't give her an answer yet, however, the next day, she thought things through and decided that she'll go along with Angolos' plan. Nicky is so adorable! Anyways, the story was long, but worth the ticket I spent and I really enjoyed it too! So, if you want to know what exactly happened between them three years ago and their future, then I suggest you read this! The story and artwork were wonderful, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
neha200 Rating
It was sad that he doubted her not just once, but twice. He screwed up because he was insecure but wrongly accusing your spouse of cheating AND kicking her out when she's pregnant was a big mistake but he obviously tries to make up for it and his explanation was a little late. As frustrating as it was I was eager to see them overcome their misunderstandings.
chicobaby04 Rating
this is pretty good manga, because of the misunderstanding the hubby kicked his wife out while she was pregnant fast forward to 3 years later, why have he came back?? is he here to take him away? why have things turned out the way it did? curious how it end? come and read, i recommend this manga
oathbreaker1 Rating
The cover of this book is so beautiful and well done that it just pulled me in to read the story.How do you forgive a man that does not believe you and accuses you of having a affair. And beside this he does not believe the child he carries is his child. Now do i believe she is perfect no but if he had just thrown all the cards on the table and they sat down and discussed what was going on life would have been easier for them. But the line that comes to mind when i read this story is what doesn't break you makes you strong and that goes for there family too. Read it and enjoy
AinoKusabi Rating
I find many of these stories are rushed and end almost abruptly, but Pregnant by the Greek Tycoon was actually good and ended almost perfectly. I really enjoyed reading this romance--loved the characters and the gay friend was a nice twisted, which put everything into perspective for Angolos and helped lead him to the truth. The art is pretty, the characters relatable, and the story flowed from the first page to the last.
thuris Rating
A sweetstory, while there isn't a lot of surprises it fun to watch the pair circle around and back to each other.
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