User Reviews For: The Greek Tycoon's Blackmailed Mistress


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neha200 Rating
That was a lot better than expected. Initially, I was only interested because they had a past together and I wanted to see how they reunite.And then a "contract" was introduced in their relationship this time and the terms were quite despicable. It does get better though, I promise.
SeaChild13 Rating
Okay this book is both horror and romance.Horror because the male lead would make her give up her dreams and tough work she has put in to make these very dreams of becoming a doctor.But to be black mailed into it?and the own blackmailing to be your EX-Almost husband? ouch!!!.But this book is interesting and and if you like revenge stories this is one for you.
Guest Rating
The guy is an asshole. He forces her to give up on her life's goal through blackmail and we're supposed to believe the happily-ever-after given to us in the final pages.
lovemekyoya Rating
Wish a guy would be so much in love with me that he would do anything just to have me and the same goes for me love it highly recommend it
chicobaby04 Rating
for some reason this type of drawing in the manga is my favorite probably because of the way the whole thing are sparkling, make it feel like im in movie or something like that. anyway i will admit he was an arrogant guy but im glad he gave in to love. i recommend this manga
oathbreaker1 Rating
This story renforces the thought that the weakness or phobias we have are started by our parents or environment that we grow up. The baby is adorable and she is what brings them together along with the love they have for each other. That being said I enjoyed reading this story along with the drawings that appear in this manga. So sit down and read a wonderful story.
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