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bbbb Rating
I love love love this!!!!!! This has got to be one of my favorite harlequin. Other titles would be "Judar no Oukan" "The Forced Bride" "Enkyori Kekkon". Andreas and Louisa's interaction are pretty much my #relationship goal. They are so sweet together before and after they're apart. If you're wondering why if they were so great together why would they break up, then you have to read and find out. All I can say is that the pain from losing a child and other factors are logical and relatable. Also at the end when Louisa questioned whether her brother is more than just friends with the hotel guy. I was like I knew iT! So funny! Highly recommended!
deem2012 Rating
wow i love this one very match they relay love each other and never give up
1ch1me Rating
I've been looking forward to another harlequin manga illustrated by Min Kyuka and finally here it is! This one starts off with the female lead suffering and grieving for the son she lost five years ago. Before she went back to the island where her son's grave was, the "proposal joke" by her boss at a party was on the newspaper and Louisa wondered if Andreas saw it already. He was a very possessive man when they were still together. Back to the island after five years, she reminisced how she met Andreas and also the time Nikos, their late son, was still alive. Andreas and Louisa met again, this time, in their son's grave. Anyways, the story was long, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it! Nikos is so adorable and so as the ...... at the ending of the story! You'll find out what those dots meant once you read it! I totally love this story! I'm pretty sure you'll love it too! The story was well-written and the artwork was FANTASTIC, as always, so I rate it 5 stars! I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND IT!
oathbreaker1 Rating
okay this is all I need to say read this story now. Why you say because it shows that we can heal from the pain we have can be healed through love. The family created more pain by keeping them away from each other instead of letting them working it out between themselves. I know that they did what they thought was best but we as parents need to know when to step out and let them live their own lives. We as humans are own worst enemy in life. Enjoy reading about the healing power of love.
chicobaby04 Rating
it is a tragedy and touchfelt manga, during the sad tragedy because of misunderstanding and family interfered they were kinda forced apart, fast forward 5 years later she went back to island to see nikos grave and she had a run into her hubby will the misunderstanding be resolved? what happens after visiting grave? curious?? come and read i recommend this manga, for those who gets emotionally too easy get tissue ready :)
bacaaja Rating
This is seriously a must read story.Wishing for there to be another story such as this one.
lovemekyoya Rating
Love heal the pain of the past and leaf to a bigger and brighter future yay love I wanna a love so sweet it'll make me nor love anyone else for as long as I live hooey highly recommend for anyone searching for a sweet love story
nohface Rating
wow i loved it and the reviews that people had left had been a huge help of me buying this manga =]
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