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WalkingStars Rating
The series is fantastic so far. Great story. So complex. So much feeling.
ChikaneNoMiko07 Rating
You have GOT to read this if you're a yaoi fan! The relationship between Akiyoshi and Jun start off kinda rocky and emotional at first but you eventually find out there is real love behind it all. The emotions are just SO DANG cute and you wanna hug Jun to death he's so dang adorable! I absolutely love how far this story has gone of him as a yaoi manga artist and the difficulties he faces in life. Seriously guys, the art is freaking sexy/cute/ADORABLE and the sex is sooooo hot! Why are you not reading this yet!?
SaraN Rating
As to be expected from the description, excellent smutty times abound in this manga. The MCs are cute and the art is nice, so good stuff there. However, where this series also shines is how complete of a story we get. Often in romance manga, we only see up until the confession and then the story fades to a HEA with no real details as to what they're like as a couple. In this story, not only do we get a nice buildup to the confessions, (and it's real feelings from both guys; no wishy-washy, vague stuff), but also half of the story is about them getting settled as a couple and how they deal with stuff. I love the glimpses we get of how Akiyoshi feels, and how he likes to tease Tachibana. The only thing I would have liked is more of Akiyoshi's perspective and seeing/understanding his family situation too. There is some drama/angst, but I could handle most of it. This is one of my faves for sure. So in short, it's a hot, sweet story I'll reread. Definitely worth all the points.
lokie1808 Rating
This story is so cute! I love it. The scenes in the first chapter were a little bit rape-y, but, after that it seemed to improve. I just love the couple so much! The art's quite amazing as well.
Themaine1 Rating
Literally this is the best manga I've seen on this site.
lafaye2090 Rating
I loved it sooo much!!! It was everything that I wanted the smut, the story line, the character development. I just couldn't get enough.
cynthyady Rating
I love this manga so much. Great character development and the story progression is well passed. I don't know how many times I've read it.
ScarRosa Rating
It needs more plot, but it's a good yaoi, good "plot".
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