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1ch1me Rating
Asuka was jealous of her friend who has a boyfriend and wondered, "Is there a cool and kind boyfriend out there for me too?" After she got home drunk, she received a message that stated, "Mail Order Boyfriend." At first, she thought it sounded fishy, but probably changed her mind after seeing how cool the candidates are to be her ideal boyfriend. She accidentally pushed the purchase button, and so the next morning, she got a package delivered which had Tatsuya and Taiga, the two ideal boyfriends. Unexpectedly, these two guys know each other for years. Since she has to pick one of the two, they decided to stay with her. They'll satisfy her until she decides who will be her ideal boyfriend. Anyways, lots of things happened, so you must read it if you want to know what really happened between these three. That ending, though. It is a Love Manga, so "read it at your own risk!" Story was good and the artwork was really cool, so I rate it 5 stars! I recommend it!
ShiinaMH Rating
LEL the ending..?
peichi Rating
A very nice 3p manga. It's a good length that allows it to actually develop its plot and characters some. I mean don't expect anything amazing, the plot exists just to support the smut, but it does a fine job of that. The art is pretty good. Smut is a little milder than my personal tastes, but still pretty spicy compared to the average on this site. Obviously if you don't like 3p, you will not like this, but otherwise I think it's worth it.
Sighz Rating
Good characters, decent plot, lovely drawing style, delightful smut. I found it light of background for all the main characters, but will be reading it again.Would recommend
koyuki Rating
love this manga! its just wonderful to have choose among handsome boyfriends
MissStelle Rating
The drawing is so beautiful and both guys are so dreamy~ this is my fav "buying a bf" stories in renta
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