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frozen Rating
very good reasoning and story line, it's abit forward but it really hits home.... this manga is a good read because you get to see a non typical relationship
Weeb4Life Rating
Charming, heartfelt and touching, a little clich辿 but in the best way. Grey is so grumpy and distrustful, because of his lonely childhood he doesn't trust anyone, not even his own employees, but luckily earnest and cheerful Sophia is ready to tackle his frowny face with her bright smile! Despite her own sad childhood she stays positive, kind and determined to do her best to help those in need. The romance felt a bit rushed in the beginning but the pacing quickly rights itself. The side characters are also very likeable, especially Grey's stepmothers to my great surprise! And there's a rabbit which, as a devoted bunny mama, is an automatic 10/10 for me. I appreciate how the leads don't hurt each other, only themselves, nor blame each other for their troubles, only themselves, they both truly only want the best for the other and neither is solely at fault for their problems. If you want light-hearted fluff to warm your heart then I highly recommend giving this a read.
chicobaby04 Rating
it was good that grey were able to change. ev1 needs love in their life, would have been nice if grey confronted sophia about the lover from beginning lol but its really good story
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