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chicobaby04 Rating
not sure what to write this but at first she put off as she was ice queen, who would bite almost anything but i guess cameron can thaw her, this is really good story i enjoyed reading it
HorseObsessed Rating
?I bought this story during the last sale, now read it & realized I bought it during the last Harlequin Bundle Sale!? so I probably already wrote a review of it.? Anyway, I really like this story, the artwork is great. I like the FMC & MMC interact throughout, & watching how the relationship processes. Eventually she was able to even pass the guy who had physiologically damaged her on the street so calmly, while he nervously shielded his face. She could finally move on to Cam, she's finally free of that ghost.??
Weeb4Life Rating
Mature, down-to-earth and very character-driven. Liz is a single mother who tries to be an ice queen to avoid getting hurt again; her struggles to raise her daughter on her own (with help from her mum) are very realistic and relatable as she juggles working to provide for her family with trying to spend more time with her young daughter. Cam is a workaholic with many of the same issues as Liz since he's raising his late sister's young son. I adore the slow burn here, the leads are very respectful and patient, there's plenty of time given to allow them to bond and grow closer, learning to trust each other before they go on to explore their attraction (FYI story, magnetic attraction isn't a literal thing!). The leads behave like real people and even at their worst they're still believable and relatable, and their HEA was definitely well deserved.
mrzero Rating
all i can say it was very sweet beautiful story i recommend you my friends to read it and wont regret it.
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