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jy3 Rating
(First chapter review) Not nearly as creepy as a typical vampire romance, although it still does have some of the same problems (idiot protagonist, blowing cover for no adequately explained reason, deus ex machina immunity to mental effects).
Yahiko03 Rating
This had potential but I just can't get past the inconsistency in the drawing of the characters.
nohface Rating
Nooooo can not wait for chapter 9 T.T what is going to happen to the sister?
aaliyah01 Rating
This is an awesome manga series and I've loved almost everything about it. The atory of how the male main character struggles everyday to survive the disease he has and feels he doesn't deserve to have love, but finds it anyways is just so amazing. I love the story line, but I haven't been drawn in as much with the female story as I was with the male stories but that's just my opinion and it's still an amazing series. I would recommend this to anyone and hate how I can only give five stars.
Poisonpink Rating
This is one of my favorite series, there are 2 different stories in this series but both main male characters have the same disease in different era, it's tell you how they struggle to cure their own disease and fall in love with the main girl character...the disease cause the main male characters hunger for human/animal blood but they can restore their energy by having sex with other women, those women who have sex with them will lost some of their strength, it's an interesting story that make you eager to read more,I recommend to those who like abit of mystery and some spicy story =)
Kitsuneflames Rating
Omg I didn't know it was finished. This was a great story and I looked forward to seeing more.
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