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PeachRenta Rating
Kudos to the author and the illustrator! The flow of the story and how it was delivered had me so absorbed and actually crying buckets when I least expected to do so. I'm so happy for the both of happy that they got closure... so sad about the truth... but have tears of joy that they were able to finally move on. Give this one a go!!! There's definitely a lesson in this story.
nohface Rating
wow that a messed up mother =X but over all i love how they found each other again, it was fate that brought them together again and blessed then with olivia kinda named after the guys brother
chicobaby04 Rating
how everyone treated ava including vito were horrible. what happened to olly was not really her fault, not like she purposely drank and then drive into tree, and everyone have been blaming her all these years but im glad they were able to find out the truth. and that she had been innocent the whole time. i wonder how did they ended up miss one more person from the car. but im glad ava were able to forgive vito despite how he treated her and i thought they both look wonderful together
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