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debimurr Rating
Really great manga each story was cute and had very satisfying endings.1st story, girl likes a classmates but believe he doesn't like her because she acts like a pervert but...2nd, serious girl on the student council likes the handsome president but can't act on her feels because he's a player. After catching him in the act she makes a wish and( it just funny) 3rd story girl always treated her childhood friend like a brother (acts like his mother who passed away) and doesn't realize that she likes him as more than just friends4th story, girl admires 3 popular students 2 guys and a girl who are always together ( 1 guy is an idol and is dating the popular girl) she gets to meet the guy who she likes when she is forced to join the library committee ( not the idol but the other guy). She decides to confess after getting to know him but over hears something...Can't wait to read more works by this author!
sawada7 Rating
Hmm this is okay as this is one of Sensei's earlier work. But honestly I don't think it's as good as her other works. This author excelled in stories that revolves around working adults/couples. 1st story is funny and tad different and refreshing. I like the MC coz she's just so freaking funny. 2nd one doesn't need to be there. 3rd one is good (it's the story from title) but heroine's little brother is horny lump of b***s (oops) and 4th is just OK. To sum it up these teenagers are just in heat hahaha.
neha200 Rating
Some of the stories were better than others. Overall, they were all fairly enjoyable love stories. And it was nice to see each of the relationships go from platonic to discovering they are each other's one true love.
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