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mariais28 Rating
The story was good but I wish that they made love at the end but other than that it was ok
Bayonettalover Rating
Hot premise but the story itself could be hotter. Despite the titillating summary, there's never any real sex going on. However the scenes are indeed titillating, and the story is interesting. I just wish the devil was more sadistic and they actually tried having sex 666 times..... I might make a story inspired by this, to be honest.
kechiu Rating
Honestly it was a let down. The plot started out great but quickly devolved into some rambling, drawn out story line that didn't make much sense to me. And there was no actual sex.
LemonMasochist Rating
Why I give this 5 stars is because of the plot and the art, I may be a freak but I like a good plot and some good art work, but I would like this manga to end in a threesome, would I be sick if I say I want the brother to hit it first?
frozen Rating
very good story, its different from the normal but they way they made it really does get you excited
kayskats Rating
A very sweet little story in the end. Not at all what I was expecting, LONG chapters well worth the price
Pandorarose3 Rating
Very sweet story despite it being a deal with the devil.
lisa93 Rating pretty good if u like the fantasy demon ...i would recommend it ...
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