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YokaiAkito Rating
This is such a cute and believable story! The romance takes its time developing, and is so rewarding! The art-style is very cute, and the characters are all distinctive. If you like cute, sweet stories with tsundere main characters, I highly recommend this manga!
3240661211 Rating
Super cute!!! A grumpy boy, unwilling to come to terms with being short, meets a very tall new comer and form a quick friendship. Watch them fall for each other without really even knowing it's happening! Simply adorable.
Japanese1 Rating
I usually like stories with a bit more explicit content, but the story was very believable and sweet. If you like well rounded characters learning and exploring their sexuality as they go through new experiences then I recommend this manga. The innocence of high school love is what it's all about.
mizore Rating
Holy shit this entire comic is a blessing I laughed waay to hard Their relationship is progressing slowly but beautiful and believable
dhawkins Rating
The Rule of Standing on Tiptoe is absolutely adorable - the title itself pulled me in. Kousuke is lovable, squishy, and a source of both entertainment and reprieve. Raku is gentle, sincere, and very attentive. Together, Kousuke and Raku make the perfect pair: they help one another grow and mature, but they still act zany and go on adventures. They are both new to love but readers will see the connection right from the start. Nothing explicit but this love story definitely doesn't need it: Kousuke and Raku's love is best when it's all blushes and awkward kisses.
kollapsi Rating
So cute!! I always love this mangaka's works and this is no exception. Strongly recommend!!
Ladyharmonixer Rating
This is quite possibly the cutest thing I've read.It's not rushed, although you can tell there is clear progression of time. It was fun to watch those two fall in love, then watch them realise their feelings. It's a gentle story, where the conflict is mostly--if any--internal. I enjoyed how it was so natural and sensible, rather than having crazy conflict forcing things through.Very sweet.
Randomjumble Rating
Adorable, a slow sweet burn where every character is fun and warm. I'd read more in a heart beat! Wholesome and highly recommended.
Jelibelli Rating
Super cute! I wish we got to see them graduate, but that's only because this story makes you want more. It's a slow build and just wish them the best, you know!
Monmonmon Rating
This is more like a shonen ai than yaoi. I like how the plot progress and the characters as well. Adorable!
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