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AinoKusabi Rating
This is a wonderful story that builds nicely as the characters grow and their relationship evolves, and the art is pretty; very well done. However, there is one thing I didn't care for, the ending. I felt it was anti-climatic. Yes, they love each other, and finally, admit it, but I didn't feel a sense of real happiness or fulfillment between them. I suppose they were content. But, it's still a worthwhile read.
belovedless Rating
Slow build, background story, inner turmoil, and slightly unresolved tension. This is my kind of story. If you're looking for an excess of fluff or smutt, this is not the story for you. Either way, the art is beautiful!
MioAkiyama Rating
it's a slow build-up to the relationship. having someone that has the same looks as your crush does confuse one person's emotions easily. the ending was pretty okay I'll say it's a happy ending but I felt that it could be a little longer. Still, it's a good read and I'll recommend anyone that wants a slow build-up relationship plot.
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