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lulukat Rating
Another winner from Hiraku Miura. This continuation of Honey Devil is entertaining and the plot doesn't disappoint.
Insanebaker Rating
This is the best manga romance between devil and human I've ever had. I love it. The author really did a very good job in this.
Lovebug23 Rating
Wow! My mind is blown I read all 3 of them and love them all so much. It is so worth it I promise you! I'm in love with the two main characters Rin and Char. Please write more its amazing work and love the drawings as well. Amazing work and brilliant writing. Would be so thrilled if made show after it. Thank you
Laminor Rating
I love this manga! Shes torn between two loves but she chooses the reckless demon. A good read!
Waffley Rating
Cute art style, and the couple is cute. I read it because it reminded me of Akuma na Eros manga hahaha. Was not disappointed!
Ayala55 Rating
So much love for this series!!!!! Its so good I cried, I laughed, I stayed up late reading it and I love all the characters. My only regret is that they separated the true beginning of the series from this .
Dragonmomma3 Rating
Loved it.
Lily Rating
My search for the continuation of honey devil is why I joined Renta! I love the story and the steamy drama filled romance did not disappoint. A must for those who love a little horror mixed with their romance manga.
kittyrevelry Rating
I LOVED this manga! Flawless character development, great story arch - very recommended (oh and so spicy).
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