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SunnyEWA Rating
I loved reading this. No smut, but the story is so sweet. The story is perfectly paced and makes you all warm and toasty inside. I loved how they both found that traditional forms of love do not work for them. They come to understand that the relationships they had before are very shallow. They learn that building an intimate relationship with someone who accepts you and wants all your good and bad points is much filling. These two could almost pull off platonic love except you fill the edge in their self-expression as they open their minds to possibilities.
YokaiAkito Rating
This is one of my new favorite manga! The art-style is beautiful, and the characters are really believable! There is plenty of drama to keep the story grounded and interesting, but there are still plenty of tender moments as well. I recommend this for anyone wanting a more realistic manga!
Jm13 Rating
My favorite manga of all times. Really sweet and pure!!!
Gloomcat Rating
Lots of drama and realism with captivating characters. Love isnt always easy, but thats what makes it worthy and this storie proves it.
WindyWing15 Rating
Generally speaking, beautiful art and art execution when it came to certain layouts (like the black and white illustration neatly drawn inside a box after every chapter. Those were really fun to look at). But overall, judging only by what I read from the first set [Monday - Thursday], it just isn't my flavor. I admit that the concept is interesting, and Seven Days makes for a nice lighthearted read with a dash of conflict here and there to add a little to realism, but overall I felt it lacked communication. I read/viewed (since some pages are just art) all 165 pages, but due to the lack of poor communication and transition in storytelling, I still found myself feeling confused throughout the story to when I finished. I got a general idea of what was going on, but because some things felt cut short such as character background, perspective, explanations, and interaction, I really didn't feel a close connection to what it was that I was reading. It's such a shame, considering that the art is nice. I'm rating 3 stars average due to the potential concept of the story and the nice art. I won't say Seven Days is a waste to read. It's decent. But I think the re-read value is very low due to its choppy transitioning and storytelling. I did however permanently purchase this mainly because I simply like the art so I can go back to it anytime for fun.
Zanevogel Rating
These are the kind of shonen ai I love about yaoi. I was almost brought to tears. It maybe sad on some parts, but I wont spoil it for anyone who hasn't red it yet. It's really a sweet and pure relationship. I love how the images people think of someone never turn out how they really are personality wise. Goes to show you Not To Judge A Book By Its Cover. I hope to find more of these. Def worth buying rather than renting just so I can reread it over and over again. If you are hoping for hard core yaoi, this isnt the manga for you as it is a pure shonen ai.
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