User Reviews For: The Secret of the Mamiya Bookstore


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YokaiAkito Rating
This story is really great, and pretty hilarious! The art style is very detailed, and the characters are all really interesting! I love seeing how they interact, and the way that they all mess with each other. There is a bit of drama to keep things grounded, though! I recommend this for anyone that likes co-workers falling in love and the hijinks that ensue!
lpett13 Rating
Adorable one-shot! With romantic plots involving three separate couples in the same bookstore, this is a light, funny, sexy volume that I thoroughly enjoyed.
EmTheHooligan Rating
Honestly, the whole story was adorable. My favorite was definitely the last one! I really enjoyed it, nice and fluffy yaoi is the best!
fionav3 Rating
How has this been ranked so high? It's rubbish! The plot is rushed, story doesn't always make sense and the characters are irritating. So not worth my time or tokens.
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