User Reviews For: Sadistic Boyfriend's Maid -Body Repayment Plan-


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heyyyjude Rating
It's a spicy love short story. For a short story, I thought it was worth the 1 ticket (48 hour rental). There's not much I can say without spoiling the whole thing, but who doesn't love a good sexy servant x master?
animepie Rating
Wow. That was terribly dull. Cliched, rushed, and did not deliver on the sexy in my opinion. The art was ok?
chsaf Rating
Cute storyline but leaves you wanting more. Also a little rushed for charachter build-up.
snap23 Rating
It's starts of interesting, but it's pretty predictable and boring in the end.
omonii123 Rating
It's a good story but it is too short, it could have been made longer to show more of the master and servant relationship
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