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neha200 Rating
I read this a while back but it's a story that sticks. Angel is a wonderful lead and Rory is a pretty great guy too when it comes to Harlequin characters (very few times can I say that I actually like a guy in a harlequin). Honestly, whatever Chad did I'm glad he didn't end up with Angel because he doesn't deserve her. Chad was a douche so good riddance....I'd be pretty pissed if I was Angel but lucky for all her good deeds she had Rory & this new baby to take care of so there was no time to ponder over Chad. The art is very appealing (especially Rory in glasses) and the Romantic developement is very sweet so I definitely recommend this as a good easy read.
JenFaust81 Rating
So many emotions in this story! And the art!! ;) and it's funny...and the baby is cute! Yes, I highly recommend this one! Worth every penny!!
chicobaby04 Rating
it was cruel of chad for doing what he did to angel. at first i thought to myself wow rory dares to bring baby to angel the baby that was produce of her husband's love affair and asked her to become a nanny. im glad it didnt turn out like that it turned out better than what i expected. loved the manga i highly recommend this one artwork is one of my favorite as well
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