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YokaiAkito Rating
This is such a sweet office romance! The artwork is really great, and the characters are wonderfully drawn. The story is very hilarious, but there is just a bit of drama to make things interesting. I highly recommend this volume for anyone wanting a not-so-serious BL story!
BlackBelle Rating
Cute story. It's not original by any means, but it's cute. Our dear dense Uke is in denial, while the Seme is aggressive in his pursuit to claim the Uke as his. I really enjoyed the ending epilogue stories as they showed the happily ever after moments between the two. -1 start for the predictability of the story, but still worth the read.
This would have been almost perfect (or at least really good) but unfortunately I didn't like the actions of one of the MCs. Without spoiling to much, I just think that what he did during university was a little too much and although they kind of addressed it, he never suffered any repercussions. Let me just said, isolating people for your own gain is not cool guys, that's too possessive...
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