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nohface Rating
i agree, the plane crash was the best medicine for him
chicobaby04 Rating
i kinda hate to say this but i suppose it was good that the plane crashed or it would have never turned out what they did in ending i think its really a good story aside from plane crashing and losing memory
Weeb4Life Rating
A very touching, emotional story. Ironic how a plane crash was one of the best things to happen to the family, but sad that it took almost dying and losing his memory for Aiden to finally express his true emotions to his wife and child. It really annoys me how he's spent years wallowing in guilt and self-pity because of something that happened to his sister when he was a young child, yet never once said anything about it to his wife, the woman he loves, and instead chose to neglect her and their cute baby! He's lucky Jill is so incredibly patient, understanding and supportive, this lady's a saint, I'm glad he finally realised how lucky he is to have such a great family. I'm not a fan of the art though, both leads looked so emotionless and dead-faced, it made it seem like they were constantly miserable (which is not far from the truth, but still...), which, added to the overall tone of the story, made this a fairly depressing read, though that might just be my own impression, so ymmv.
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