User Reviews For: Guilty Marriage -A Wet Bride & Her Two Husbands-


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Capitulate Rating
The grooms are hot and readily likeable, but the bride's bewilderment is understandable. It takes her a little longer to accept the situation than it does the guys, and that just makes this all the more fun to read. Hot and entertaining.
katsuyo Rating
One woman as a result of a government error gets matched with two hot guys. I loved this. It was hot, raunchy and the chemistry between the three characters was endearing to watch as their relationship develops.If I was to say that there was anything I didn't like, I would have to say the length of the manga was a little short. It would have been nice to see more interaction with the three characters.I also wasn't thrilled at the part where the female character was harshly criticized by the other women at the party and then put in danger as a result of her being paired with the two men. I was expecting the government to eventually step in and correct their error by splitting up the group.That was a foregone conclusion but I was not expecting how romantic and sexy the ending would be.It had the potential to get cliched because they decide to stay together but it did not.
Weeb4Life Rating
Pretty short and steamy, the two guys were very sexy and the girl was attractive, they look good together. Both the men were very accepting of the marriage, one because complaining would be a pain and the other because he seems laidback and goes with the flow. The woman was understandably confused and shocked, and remained very resistant to suddenly being forced to marry two (very horny) men she'd just met, but she fights what's obviously the inevitable for over two thirds of the story and it got very tedious very quickly. I'm honestly getting sick of all the clich辿d reluctant girls, it makes almost all her experiences with guys border on non-con and it would've been so, SO much hotter and more interesting if she was on board like the men and they were all just trying to figure out how to make it work together. As it is she spends most of the story trying (and failing) to fight off the men's teasing, then right at the end she suddenly decides she likes them. Wut.
Jenangelx3 Rating
Good sex scenes and good pacing for the story. It's not amazing but it's a fun read all the same
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