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taliana Rating
Takarai Rihito is one of my favourite BL authors. I hope to see more of her work available on here in the future! This one is an especially sweet story, and you will enjoy it if you like a slower, steadier build up of a relationship. Both leads are adorable and charming, with quirks that make it interesting to see how they fit together. Hopefully the second volume will be released here as well, as the rest of the story is also great!
ebookrenta0uhqj5yhs Rating
I really like this story. It's a sweet build of emotions. I also love how the translator left the Japanese titles on the names?kun, san and even sensei. (Sometimes I think Renta's translations are too westernized.) Can't wait for the other volumes! It's definitely worth the points!
Ayala55 Rating
I need more! Its such a gentle sweet love story and I need these two to confirm their feelings for each other and end up together. Volume 2 please!!!!!
Monmonmon Rating
Faster bring in volume 2. Definitely buying that one too. Such a wonderful story.
belovedless Rating
This is one of my favorite stories. From the artwork to the character development, it is such a well written romance! Waiting for volume 2...
Dlei Rating
I loved it !The artwork is beautiful, the story is light. Not very complicated to read and just what we need of love.But it's been so loong and I'm still waiting for the part 2 T-TI recommend for everyone who want just pure love but don't read it if you can't wait until the part two !You'll be like me right now feeling frustrated
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