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Mizuhime Rating
It's a really cute love story. The relationship with Yumi and Asuka is probably the most adorable I've ever read. Granted it's your typical secretary, CEO story, but there's a certain charm that brings me back to it. I've read this story at least 4 times now, just waiting until the next chapter comes on.
camykiyami Rating
This was absolutely adorable. The humor was really good and the hero was rather cute at times, balancing his powerful CEO persona. The heroine was a diligent worker and yet she wasn't an absolute pushover (the smack she gave to the hero was pretty epic). Their romance progresses smoothly and has a very satisfactory ending.
omonii123 Rating
the story is pretty cute even though it's the usual boss and his assistant office romance kind
babybo Rating
The book is amazing it spicy and with the cute characters
ebookrenta08y1igfgt Rating
One of the cutest office romance manga I've read so far. Worth every point.
sweetsake108 Rating
This was a great story with good character development, romance and of course, love scenes. I really recommend checking it out!
Haruko22 Rating
I loved it so much >w<. So much sensation. It was 5 out of 5 stars.
rockwood79 Rating
The manga is pretty adorable to me, even if its about a boss and assistant, which most people use. I love how its not like other stories that do this type of ship.
Kitsuneflames Rating
Office worker and boss running away from a arranged marriage story. The boss seem fun though so I like him. I like the story and the art too.
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