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Poisonpink Rating
Every chapters have a spicy scene and it's worth your 1 ticket for each... The story is about a girl Shiho, who is an unfamous romance novelist meet a porn star actor named Kou and he give her sexual lessons during the time he stay at her home...Shiho is able to write erotic scenes in her novel thanks to Kou's sexual lesson and she begin to fall in love with Kou but Kou think she is just his sexual day Shiho's brother show up and ask her go back home, apperantly Shiho is adopted and runaway from home...Shiho's brother Ichikawa is a good looking guy too plus he like Shiho! I can't wait to see what's gonna happen next in the next chapter~
kdiaz Rating
Great story, it's smoking and keeps you entertained to the very end, but it had a blah ending. Maybe it's because the story was short and a further development would have required more pages. I think it deserved a better ending and that's why I gave it a 4. But the characters are lovely and the drawing style is really good.
Guest Rating
the story tells about romance and struggle of a novelist whose having hard work in her writing when a guy showed up and changed her world. it's a good reading and worth the tickets
Hallyu30 Rating
The story was just great. I liked how it all just came together.
Kitsuneflames Rating
Interesting story about a virgin erotica writer trying to make it as an normal writer and a pron star trying to make it as an actor that starts living with her. Looking forward to whats next every week. I recommend it.
ebookrenta0cq77ggqt Rating
With all the raving reviews, I really wanted to like this more than I did. I feel like the situation with her brother was glossed over and trivialized; there was no real consequence or resolution... which had me a little skeeved out near the end. What I loved was that the main couple had some really sweet emotional growth and the way their feelings grew towards one another was lovely. This was a bit marred with the ending though, which was happy but so rushed and abrupt. Overall I enjoyed the story, but it could definitely use some improvement.
ebookrenta0vq7rqc6s Rating
a decent read with some what a nice romantic story line going along with an erotic twist which is very hard to come by. wish it was a bit longer because the overall last chapter was blatantly rushed.
danyels Rating
Aw adorable. The main characters' bantering is hilarious, especially the male character, he has no filter (i died when he walked into the house going
MetalCharizard Rating
A cute romance
marymw356 Rating
I loved this story and will probably read it again. The story was interesting and relatable. The hot scenes were Hot and plentiful!
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