User Reviews For: Will You Let Me Satisfy You? -How My Younger Boss Looks After Me-


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anne23 Rating
It's very interesting story love but why that girl late to know about herself feeling. That guy really loyal to her even his very popular among girls in the office. Try to read this story and this continuity story.
swimmergal1207 Rating
Very hot chemistry between the two leads however the ending felt rushed
lisa93 Rating
It a good story and it worth the tickets... It also has some nice sexy scene
Bluegirl14 Rating
It has a somewhat predictable plot. Beats my boredom. Hopefully the next few reads surprise me.
Poisonpink Rating
Subaru,the young boss who is Hina's ex bf in secondary school is totally hot but I'm also interest in Hiro(Hina's ex crush) the story become more and more interesting, can't wait to see what's going to happen between those 3! There are some very hot and spicy scenes, definitely worth the tickets =)
neha200 Rating
Most of these stories have one thing in common: an easy female lead. Despite that, I like the main girl since she is hardworking. This story is almost like childhood lovers getting back together plus a little bit of a makeover (for the boy in this case) and some secret love making sessions. The art is nice and the cliff hangers at the end of each chapter make you want more. I do hope she gets with subaru this time; don't really like murakami.
heyyyjude Rating
the art -- I like the art. It's very nicethe story -- it's' a sexy sweet office love story. old lovers being reunited. love rivals. the characters -- subaru used to be shy and reserved in high school, but he has changed. sexy boss. although he has gained sexiness and confidence, he still holds some of that insecurity especially when a love rival appears! Even with that little insecurity, I find subaru irresistible! the sexy level -- if 1 to 5, i give it a 4.comments -- I really like the story a lot, but to be fair, I generally just love the office love / old love type of stories.
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