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Weeb4Life Rating
Funny and sweet, I'm glad I read it. I find it ironic how the guy thinks the girl is crazy (because she spent so much money to buy him), when he's definitely the more bonkers outta the two. There were a lot of misunderstandings getting in the way of the romance, caused by both the girl hesitating to reveal the whole truth to the guy (albeit for understandable reasons) and by the guy jumping to some hilariously wild and often ridiculous conclusions (my fav being that she's married to a rich and eccentric man living in a cardboard house). They're a couple of adorkable idiots and I love them! Their kids are gonna be nuts lol. But it's so refreshing to read a HQ story where neither is rich, the girl isn't a weak pushover, the guy isn't an arrogant, domineering, rude playboy, and none of the side characters try to get in the leads' way. Just watching these two goofs fall in love is more than enough. It definitely put a big smile on my face!
sensibletron Rating
Lovely. Both of the main characters are zany kooks who need to learn to use their words, but since their Big Misunderstandings are set up for comedy and not irrational misery, I'm 100% into it. The art is significantly better and more expressive than most Hqn novels, especially the
nohface Rating
verry sweet guy and a nice ending =]
ebookrenta0iqj5ubyl Rating
Hilarious and hot! Also set in NYC where I live so that made it feel extra special to me
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