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Kitsuneflames Rating
I don't normally like all the stories in these type of mangas but I liked all of the ones in this. I really liked the second story the most it was sweet and I found myself laughing out loud to it. I also liked that all the stories got an epilogue too. This will be in my favorites to reread!
karink333 Rating
I liked only first story, too bad it was so short. Others are just ok. This is smut centered manga so the plot basicaly revolves around that , which results in flat personalities. Overral ok.
StreetUrchin Rating
Stories are short, and okay.
sandkitsune Rating
I really liked this manga. It has a really funny romantic sort of wave to it.Makes me want to smile. Especially the last part. Glad I bought it.
Risuna Rating
I can not give this book enough praise. The stories are lighthearted, they made me laugh, I love the d/s play & & there's even a story with a three-way that's simply perfect. Best of all, each one has a happy ending.
hazelbroadway Rating
Loved it. Such a turn on! The licking scene is divine.
Lovebug23 Rating
I like all the stories but I love the first 3 most. Especially "be my pet"and "the vilest, worst, dearest lover". Hope see more in future. I love the art work.
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